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Arranging A Funeral In Leeds

Our funerals for your loved ones are performed in a professional, dignified and respectful manner, and without compromise.


We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to offer help and guidance. Arrangements can be made in our funeral home or should you prefer, we are able to come to your home, at a time to suit you.

What Documentation Will You Need?

There will be a number of statutory documents for you to complete and sign for either the cremation or burial to take place


If the deceased had a Funeral Pre-Payment Plan, you will need to:


• Bring in the certificate

• Be aware there may be some additional procedures attached to the fulfilment of the Plan


It is a good idea to find out as soon as possible, if the deceased left a Will or any other instructions concerning their funeral.

Costs of Funeral Services

The costs of a funeral fall into three main categories:


• Cost of materials, such as coffin or casket, clothing and memorials


• Funeral director's fee, including making arrangements, hire of vehicles, liaison with third parties on documentation and management of the funeral


• Disbursements paid to other organisations on your behalf, such as church or crematorium fees and obituary notices


We will explain clearly to you what the options are and how much they cost so that you are fully informed about the choices you make. The ultimate cost will depend on your choices for the funeral.


We will give you a written estimate of all the costs and expenses and we will send you written confirmation of all that we discuss and agree.

What to Expect During the Arrangements

When making arrangements for a funeral, there are a number of questions we will ask you to help us gain information about what you would like. There are also some legal and statutory requirements that we will need to talk about.


Whilst we will plan and organise the funeral on your behalf, we will need you to consider a number of choices and options and you will need to make some decisions about the various services we provide, including:


• Choosing a coffin or casket

• The type and number of vehicles required

• The place and type of service that you wish to have

• Officiant, music and content of the service

• Floral tributes

• Newspaper notices

• Catering arrangements


Should cremation be chosen, there are several options available for the final resting place of the  cremated remains.


Memorials for both cremation and burials are available


We will make all necessary arrangements, including liaising with all other parties involved with the funeral, such as the crematorium or cemetery, doctors, hospital and officiant.

Help With Funeral Costs and Expenses

Help with the cost of a funeral is available, depending on your circumstances.  Please view our Help with Costs page for more details.