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Planning for later life is never an easy thing to do, but it can be comforting and reassuring to know that you’ve taken care of your arrangements, including your funeral.


By taking some time now, you can provide both financial and practical help for your loved ones in the future.


If you’ve ever had to arrange a funeral for someone, you’ll know just how much there is to decide and how difficult it can be. Many people never get round to talking to their families about the kind of funeral they would like. This can lead to additional worry and anxiety for loved ones when the time comes.


A pre-arranged funeral plan is a simple and straightforward way of removing this worry and can provide real peace of mind for you and your family.

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Planning for Later Life

Funeral Plans with Peace of Mind

Ensuring that our families don't have any extra burdens at a difficult time is important to all of us.


With our help you can plan in advance so everything is taken care of and your wishes are followed.


• Organise every detail of your funeral to your specifications

• Relieve your family of worry

• Avoid expenses by paying in advance

• You can choose one of our fixed price “Package Plans” or a personally tailored service to suit your requirements.

• We are committed to offering you outstanding value and security with our range of funeral plans.

About Our Pre-Payment Plans

Will my money be safe?


Your payment is made directly into Funeral Planning Trust, an independent fund established in 1995 specifically to provide for funeral costs.  The accounts of Funeral Planning Trust are monitored annually by independent actuaries and checked by independent auditors.



Is the plan guaranteed to cover the entire cost of the funeral?


The plan is guaranteed to cover our funeral director's costs. Money you have paid towards third party cost will rise in line with the Retail Price Index. These payments include doctors, clergy and other officiants, crematoria fees and so on. If the cost of these payments increases at a rate in excess of RPI then your next kin/executor will be required to pay any shortfall.


Advantages of a Prepayment Plan from Gallagher Funeral Services

• Organise every detail of your funeral to your specifications

• You will save your family from having to make difficult decisions, and trying to guess what you would have wanted, at such a distressing time

• Avoid rising costs with an inflation-proof guarantee

• Flexible ways to pay

• Consideration for loved ones

• Financial security, and proven value for money

• Your local, independent funeral director will take care of your arrangements

• There is no age limit and there are no awkward health questions

• You can pay the current price within three months or pay by monthly instalments over a number of years - whichever suits you