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How To Register A Death

All deaths must be registered in the area where it occurred, although it is possible to give the information in another area. The process of registering a death involves a short interview with a Registrar in a Registrar’s Office.


The main registrars’ offices in Leeds contact details are


Leeds Register Office

City Centre One Stop

2 Great George Street, Leeds



0113 222 4408


The information for registration may be given to any registrar in England and Wales. You will need to attend your chosen registrar’s office to make a declaration of the particulars of the deceased.


The declaration will then be forwarded to the registrar for the district where the death took place, where it will be registered. This would mean you would receive all the documentation through the post,which would result in there being a short delay in receipt of the death certificate.

Who can register the death?


•  A relative


• Someone present at death


• The person who found the body


• The person in charge of the body


• The person making the arrangements with the Funeral director

When you go to the registrar you should take:


• The Medical Certificate of the cause of death


• The deceased’s medical card, if possible


• The deceased’s birth and marriage or civil partnership certificates, if available.

You should tell the registrar:


• The date and place of death


• The deceased’s last (usual) address


• The deceased’s first names and surname (and the maiden name where appropriate)


• The deceased’s date and place of birth (town and county if born in the UK, and country if born abroad)


• The deceased’s occupation and the name and occupation of their spouse or civil partner


• Whether the deceased was getting a pension or allowance from public funds


• If the deceased was married or had formed a civil partnership, the date of birth of the surviving widow, widower or surviving Civil partner

The registrar will then issue:


• Certificate for Burial or Cremation (Green Form) this give permission for the body to be buried or for an application for cremation to be made. It should be taken to the funeral director so that the funeral can be held.


• Certificate of Registration of Death (form BD8). This is for social security purposes only. Read the information on the back of the certificate. If any of it applies, fill in the certificate and hand it to your Jobcentre, Jobcentre Plus or social security office.


• The death certificate, a copy of the certified entry in the death register